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Synclavier Digital

KBI-1 VK/ORK to MIDI Interface

KBI-1 VK/ORK to MIDI Interface

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Connects Velocity Keyboard or Original Keyboard to USB-MIDI


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What is the KBI-1?

This new hardware option from Synclavier Digital provides a USB-MIDI connection to a Velocity-Pressure Keyboard or an Original Keyboard.

The KBI-1 connects to your VK or ORK using the 50-pin Centronics connector on the back. A breakout connector allows your keyboard to also stay connected to your Synclavier tower. When the tower is powered off, your keyboard becomes available to other systems via USB-MIDI.

When connected to a Synclavier Regen, the Timbre Design buttons seamless integrate with the Regen's button surface. The Sequencer functions are not yet available in Synclavier Regen.

  • Compatible with VK

  • Compatible with ORK

  • All buttons and the knob are recognized when connected to a Synclavier³ installation.

  • With other digital audio workstations the Knob will act as a pitch bender. Note-on, Note-off, and Individual-Pressure (VK only) are supported.