Synclavier Regen

This remarkable new instrument by Synclavier Digital brings together all the sounds from Synclavier's rich legacy, plus many new and modern forms of synthesis and expression.

  • Synthesis

    The Internet is vast, but we could not possibly list of all Synclavier Regen's new features here! The internal DSP engine has complete sections for Additive, Subtractive, Sampling and FM Synthesis, all seamlessly combined.

  • Control Surface

    You will love our epoxy-coated (patent pending) Swiper and Partial Select buttons, laid out to be both ergonomic and lightning-fast. Balanced XLR outputs for the most demanding audio project. Thousands of built-in sounds. 50 kHz Stereo DACs for that authentic edge.

  • Poly-Timbral

    Synclavier had the first Poly-Timbral Synthesizer in 1977. Regen features 12 Tracks/Layers each with 12 Partials. Play from split or multiple keyboards (including MPE), step sequencers, drum machines or any modern MIDI controller. Literally, 1000+ samples in one Patch.