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What's Required?

An introduction to Synclavier³ is found on our Synclavier³ page.

A Synclavier³ installation uses a BTB-1 Bus Transceiver to connect a legacy Synclavier system to a modern Macintosh® computer. A D0-PCI Interface Card plugs into the Synclavier computer bin, and a specialized PCI-Express Digital I/O Card is installed in a Thunderbolt Chassis connected to your Mac. Various wires and cables hook the whole contrivance together.

Using the words of James Weldon Johnson, you might say "The knee bone's connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone's connected to the hip bone..."


The BTB-1 is the brains of the operation; you will certainly need one of those. The BTB-1 Package includes the BTB-1 Bus Transceiver, our PCI-Express Digital I/O Card, a Synclavier³ software license, and short flat-cables to connect it all together. In addition to the BTB-1 Package, you will need a D0-PCI, and also a Thunderbolt Cable to connect your Thunderbolt Chassis to your Mac.


You will need a D0-PCI in your Synclavier computer bin. If you have one left over from an earlier SynclavierX installation, you can have it modified to work with Synclavier³. Otherwise you will need to purchase a New D0-PCI.

Virtual Synclavier³

Certainly not for the faint-of-heart, a virtual Synclavier³ lets you run the Synclavier³ software as a stand-alone MIDI sequencer without any other hardware. Grab a Synclavier³ License Code, download the software - voila! - a quick trip back to 1981.

Still Have Questions?

Check out our Synclavier³ Information Page for documentation and video links. Technical questions about how Synclavier³ works with your legacy system? Contact Micth Marcoulier mitch .at. synclavier .dot. com.


Most products offer a flat-rate shipping option depending on your country. Enter discount code SYSTEM-PURCHASE for free shipping if your BTB-1 or D0-PCI order is part of a system upgrade. USA and International shipping rates are shown during checkout.

Taxes and Duties

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